Scene from Carmen. Photo by Sunny Martini.

Show Notes

When you think of opera, words like “grandiose,” “extravagant,” and “whoa” come to mind. Those words all describe Georges Bizet’s Carmen. Singing, dancing, costumes, sets, orchestras, fight scenes, wigs, drama! How on Earth does something with so many moving parts even get to the stage? Much less, successfully and entertainingly?! We wanted to know. And as it happens, the Seattle Opera was staging Carmen right down the street. So, we went on a field trip to see the show and – because we’re us – badgered the cast and crew about their parts in bringing this magnificent beast of an opera to life. Learn all about the story – the one the audience sees and the one behind the stage – in this special Classical Classroom/Seattle Opera Podcast crossover episode. 

All music in this episode from Seattle Opera’s performances of Carmen.    

P.S., The Seattle Opera is performing Carmen from May 4 – 19, 2019! Learn yet more about it (and hear more podcasts about it).

Actual thanks to the Seattle Opera, especially Jonathan Dean, Dramaturg and host of the Seattle Opera Podcast, who is the Energizer Bunny of opera podcasters.


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