Cellist Amanda Gookin | Photo by Ryan Scherb

Show Notes

“When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.”

That’s one of cellist Amanda Gookin’s favorite quotes. And through the Forward Music Project, she’s decided to show people who she is, and who women and girls are. Learn Amanda’s story (which includes many digressions from, and returns to, the classical music world), and learn why she decided to aim all of her disparate passions at one target. Hear the innovate pieces that she’s commissioned in what she calls a “giving project,” which seeks not only to bring awareness to causes that benefit women and girls, but to donate money to those causes.

Episode Track List (all from the Forward Music Project):

  • “For Edna,” by Leila Adu
  • “Stray Sods,” by Amanda Feery
  • “Swerve,” by Jessica Meyer
  • “Memories lie dormant: they are reviled before they are revealed,” by Morgan Krauss


Audio production by Todd “Take 5” Hulslander with pick up sticks by Dacia Clay and assistance from Mark DiClaudio. Thanks much to George Heathco for the use of his music in our intro!


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