Jennifer Kloetzel of the Cypress String Quartet | Photo by Gregory Goode

Show Notes

For starters, this episode was recorded on Groundhog’s Day. Which is pretty perfect considering that this is the second time we’ve had the Cypress String Quartet on the show to talk about a “final” recording. Cypress cellist Jennifer Kloetzel swears that this really is the quartet’s final final recording and assures us that this is not just a clever publicity gimmick. (Although for the record, if it was, we would gladly play along.) Kloetzel tells us why, for their final final recording, the group went with a composer they’d never recorded before (Brahms), why they recorded the album live in front of a studio audience, and why they played as a sextet rather than a quartet. Also discussed: whether or not one has to have Jedi training to record at Skywalker Sound, and whether Jennifer and Zuill Bailey had a cello battle in the studio.

Episode Track List:

All music in this episode from the Cypress String Quartet’s Brahms: String Sextets Op.18 and Op.36.


Audio production by Todd “Marmot” Hulslander with shadow-siting by Dacia Clay and assistance from Mark DiClaudio.


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