Madeline Slettedahl | Music Academy of the West

Show Notes

Collaborative pianist Madeline Slettedahl came to the Classical Classroom to describe the nuances of her trade. What’s it like to play one instrument that’s sometimes a stand-in for a whole orchestra? How is playing piano with a vocalist different than playing with an instrumentalist? Doesn’t she like the glory of playing solo piano better? And why can’t we call her an “accompanist” anymore? Madeline graciously answers all of our ridiculous questions and more. Also included: lots of fun and lots of made up words.

By the way, Madeline and baritone Ben Lowe recently won the The Music Academy of the West’s 2016 Marilyn Horne Song Competition. As part of their winnings, they’re kicking off a nationwide tour that starts in March and includes Houston! Stay tuned to our social media for more information.

Episode Track List:

  • Dark Waves. John Luther Adams
  • Ecuatorial. Edgard Varèse.
  • Songbirds: Woodthrush. John Luther Adams.
  • Become Ocean. John Luther Adams. Performed by the Seattle Symphony.


Audio production by Todd “Toxic” Hulslander with hungry eyes from Dacia Clay and assistance from Mark DiClaudio.


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