Andy Meyerson and Travis Andrews are....The Living Earth Show

Andy Meyerson and Travis Andrews are….The Living Earth Show

Fun fact: Gilmore Girls scripts are almost twice as long as other TV shows of comparable length. In this regard, this is the Gilmore Girls of Classical Classroom episodes. Andy Meyerson and Travis Andrews of the Living Earth Show teach all about electro-acoustic chamber music, sure, but they do a lot more. In addition to talking about the composers and works they commission, and about experimental classical music in general, you are guaranteed to hear boiling water used musically, and at least one verbal treatise on Lars Ulrich of Metallica. Take notes, people. This is pure gold.

By the way, the Living Earth Show will be releasing a new album in late October called Dance Music. You’ll preview music from that album in this episode.

Music in this episode:

  • “Helpless,” from Garage Days Re-Revisited by Metallica.
  • “Enter Sandman,” from Metallica by Metallica.
  • Performed by the Living Earth Show:
    • Family Sing-A-Long and Game Night (composed by Nicole LizĂ©e)
    • The Bell, The Ball, The Bow-Tie, & The Boot (composed by Jonathan Pfeffer)
    • Tassel (composed by Anna Meredith)

Audio production by Todd “Stevie Ray Todd” with keyboards by Dacia Clay and editing by Mark DiClaudio.


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