Composer Stephen Lias

Composer Stephen Lias

Composer Stephen Lias didn’t necessarily mean to become an “adventurer-composer.” He was minding his own business as a perfectly normal composer, having his music played by soloists and ensembles, and working as a Professor of Composition at Stephen F. Austin State University. In his free time, he liked to go on adventure trips, backpacking and kayaking. Little did he know that one day soon, his two loves would merge and that he would become Stephen Lias, Adventurer-Composer! His whole life would be changed, and he would become Composer-in-Residence at many of the United States’ National Parks.

Find out what that means, and more about Stephen’s story in this adventure-filled episode of Classical Classroom! And by the way, did you know that it’s the United States National Park Service’s 100th birthday? Go hug a National Park today!

Music in this episode (all by Stephen Lias):

  • River Runner Lajitas
  • Crown of the Continent
  • Gates of the Arctic (with Boulder Philharmonic)
  • Range of Light – Vernal Falls

Audio production by Todd “Grand Tetodd” Hulslander, with spelunking by Dacia Clay and editing by Mark DiClaudio.

PS, Stephen Lias is also an awesome photographer. Check out his photographic work – much of it of his National Parks adventures – right here.


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