Rodney Waters

Rodney Waters

We are endorsing this Classical Classroom guest — Rodney Waters — to replace the Most Interesting Man in the World, and not just because of his amazing beard. He’s a musician, a humanitarian, a photographer, and he’s currently training to become a Jungian analyst. In this Choose Your Own Adventure episode (listen for details), Rodney first explains Jungian theory, archetypes, myths, and fairy tales, and then walks us through pieces of classical music that exemplify those things. You’ll confront your Shadow Self, experience catharsis, and ultimately find spiritual wholeness just by listening. It’ll be a hoot!

All music in this episode was performed by Rodney Waters (piano) and Judy Dines (flute), and recorded at the Jung Center by Todd Hulslander.

  • Pan. Albert Roussel.
  • “Song to the Moon” from Rusalka. (Antonin Dvorak/Waters)
  • Syrinx. Claude Debussy.
  • Undine Sonata for Flute and Piano. Carl Reinecke.
  • Falling (Twin Peaks theme). Angelo Badalamenti.

Audio production by Todd “Trickster” Hulslander with heroic journeys by Dacia Clay and editing by Mark DiClaudio.

See the performance program for Music of Wind and Water, including illustrations of myths discussed in this episode, below.

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